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If you like natural attractions you should know El Cajon del Maipo. This entertaining canyon is located approximately 50 km from Santiago. It is made up of hills, cliffs, massifs and rivers such as El Volcán, El Yeso and El Colorado. In this place you can do a lot of adventure sports for all ages ranging from hiking, canopy and even enjoying its wonderful hot springs. Crossing the Romeral, you can reach the El Yeso reservoir, this dam was inaugurated in 1964 as the main source of drinking water for the Metropolitan Region with a capacity of 253 million cubic meters of turquoise water located at more than 3,000 meters above sea level, contrasting with the imposing Cordillera de Los Andes where there is snow during several months of the year.

If you are a little more adventurous and you like hiking you can get to the beautiful hanging glacier El Morado, it owes its name to the dark color of the rocks on the hill. You should take advantage of the months between October and May for your adventure, although it is very likely that during October and November there will still be a lot of snow that will hinder the journey but will provide you with a majestic landscape in return. Along the way you will meet a wide repertoire of flora and fauna whose predominant species are birds, reptiles and mammals. Among the latter, the most common are rodents, mainly the cururus and Noah's silky mouse. Among the birds it is frequent to observe species such as the mountain goldfinch, tench, thrush, Chilean swallow, dormilona friar, churrín, bandurriay minero. Giant hummingbirds, mountain ridges, turtledoves, mountain ridges, perdicita and perdicita cojón are also common. In aquatic environments, you can see the juarjual duck, whose population is gradually increasing.