Chiloé docks

The Chiloé archipelago located in southern Chile, is known for its iconic wooden churches, 16 of them declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and their colorful stilt houses. On its northwest coast you can see the huge blue whales. Chiloé is characterized for being a magical place for its inhabitants, full of stories, myths and legends that revolve around the sea and its importance in the life and customs of its inhabitants. The incredible structures of its varied docks are an entertaining walk for the most curious travelers.

Muelle de La Luz, located in the Chepu sector in Ancud, like most of them, was promoted by Artisanal Fishermen Mar Adentro de Río Chepu to diversify sustainable tourism in the area. This pier, the work of the sculptor Marcelo Orellana, is a large wooden walkway that provides a 360 ° panoramic view of the coasts of the north of the island. It cannot be accessed by land, the only way to get there is by crossing the Chepu River. It owes its name to the fact that the locals say that at night during its construction lights were seen in the sea and legend has it that couples who climb hand in hand towards the pier will never be separated.

Muelle de Las Almas, is the best-known pier in Chiloé, located in Punta Pirulil, it was also created by the sculptor Marcelo Orellana and owes its name to the legend that at night, in the surroundings of Cucao next to the breaking of the waves in the Roqueríos, the cries, cries, laments and supplications of the souls of souls in distress come to Punta Pirulil to wait for the raider Tempilcahue, in charge of taking the souls who die on earth to the spiritual world. It is said that if you hear them scream, you should not answer them or speak to them by name: "Souls of Cucao", because if you do, after a year, death will come looking for you so that you are part of them, pray and sob perpetually for eternal rest.

Muelle del Tiempo, is just 30 minutes from the Las Almas Pier, in Punta Pilol, unlike the very touristy and crowded Muelle de las Almas, this spiral pier, located on the slope of the cliff, offers a quiet spectacle interrupted only by the singing of the chucaco and the freshwater birds that flutter in the Pumol River.
Refugio del Mar dock, is a little-known dock on the shore of the Pindo estuary of the Quehui island in the commune of Castro, it can be reached by sea or on foot when the tide is out. It is a curious walkway that rises 2 meters and serves a double function: when the tide is low it serves as a viewpoint and when the tide rises it becomes a dock.