Parque Nacional Siete Tazas

Siete Tazas National Park is located in the Maule Region, Curicó Province, Molina Commune. It was decreed a National Park on March 27, 2008. It owes its name to the seven rock formations in the Claro River where the water falls from the mountain range into natural pools. It stands out for the preservation of fauna such as pumas, güiñas, colocolo cats, pudú, black woodpecker among many others. The flora is of a wooded type, large oaks, raulí, coigüe, laurel and olivillo can be observed. This wonderful place is perfect for hiking or camping.

The first trail is the Universal Trail, they are 300m special for people with reduced mobility and children, through a wooden platform you can reach the main view of Siete Tazas. The El Coigüe trail is a 1km circuit (approx. 1 hour) that starts in the camping area and reaches the viewpoint where you get a panoramic view of the sector. El Bolsón is 11.5 km long all day long and when completed it shows the El Colmillo Del Diablo rock formation and some waterfalls. This trail connects the national park with the Altos de Licaray Reserve. The Los Chiquillanes trail is a 7km circuit under the forest canopy that has huge coigües and offers excellent views of the Parque Inglés and the Descabezado Grande Volcano.