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Viña del Mar

The Garden City, well known for the hundreds of flowers that adorn it, is located just 110 km from Santiago. It has 13 beaches that will fascinate you especially if you have not yet bathed in the Pacific Ocean, the best known are Acapulco, El Sol, Los Marineros that meet on its beautiful coastal edge where you can find wooden walkways and walk in the shade. You can visit the famous Quinta Vergara where the amphitheater that annually celebrates the Viña del Mar Festival is located and stroll through its gardens that house ancient botanical species.

Nearby is the large Flower Clock, inaugurated on May 15, 1962 for the soccer world cup that would be held the same year in our country. Another must stop is the Viña del Mar Casino, created on December 31, 1930, crossing the coast you will find the Avenida Perú walk where you can enjoy the waves that break in the rocks and appreciate beautiful postcards of the different castles and palaces located in the coastal area of Viña del Mar. You cannot miss visiting the Wulff Castle, the Rioja and Carrasco palaces and the Church of Las Carmelitas. At lunchtime you can delight in the varied gastronomy that this beautiful and relaxing city offers or go to the fishermen cove that Viña and Valparaíso share, where you can enjoy the freshest variety of fish and seafood that the area offers.