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Fiestas Patrias is one of the biggest festivities in Chile. As contrary is believed, is not celebrated on independence day as such, but the date on which the First Board of Government was created on September 18, 1810. That is why in September, the country is dressed in blue , white and red, to celebrate the national holidays. In addition, on September 19, the military aspect of this celebration is remembered with the famous Military Parade, where hundreds of members of the Armed Forces and the Carabineros of Chile participate, an event that takes place in O'Higgins Park.

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Concert by Laura Pausini at Arena Movistar

This Saturday, August 18 is the expected concert of Laura Pausini at the Movistar Arena, who returns to sing all the successes of her award-winning international career. If you have not purchased your tickets yet, you can do it here:

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