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San Pedro de Atacama

Travelers from all over the world join in this ancient city with dirt roads and adobe houses. This is the starting point for an extraordinary trip, explore the most impressive views of the planet among its infinite beauty.

Visit the old square and discover the history of its residents. Give in to the slow pace of life here where it seems that nobody has a sense of urgency. Be sure to visit the old church. Enjoy all the local art and take a walk through the craft workshops to discover how they maintain their traditions.

The incredible routes will allow you to explore the wide attractions of the region: active geysers, lagoons famous for their energetic colors and amazing salt pans that will impress you. If you are looking for a good adventure, travel through the desert by bicycle or glide through the dunes on a sand board.

Get carried away by the local and international cuisine of the restaurants in the area. Once night falls, there is nothing better than enjoying watching the infinite amounts of stars that shine in the driest desert sky in the world.